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Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?

Lynne and Kevin Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? began in the fall of 1996 replacing the former PBS Carmen show, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? This show was also produced by WQED Pittsburg and WGBH Boston. It ran on PBS until 1998, I believe.

This game show was hosted by Kevin Shinick and featured Lynne Thigpen reprising her role as the Chief. The show also had a live-action Carmen Sandiego as well as live action VILE members as opposed to World's cartoon characters.

Carmen's henchmen in the series were as follows:

The show featured an opening round in which contestants answered questions about about History. In the second round, contestants ranked eight events from most recent to earliest. Then in the final round, one contestant had to answer six multiple choice questions asked by Carmen in 90 seconds by running around the set through the gateways of time. A correct answer allowed the contestant to pass through it. If the contestant answered incorrectly, they must manually open the gate. If the contestant passed through 6 gates in time, he or she won a computer system.

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