Character Biographies

The Characters:

[Carmen Driving] Carmen Sandiego (voice: Rita Moreno )

Carmen was orphaned at a very young age and was sent to live at the GoldenGate Girls' School in San Francisco. This place was the only home she knew until the Chief gave her a home at the Acme Detective Agency. There, she became an excellent detective. By age 17, she had solved more cases than anydetective ever with the help of her Japanese partner, Suhara. Mysteriously, Carmen disappeared and turned to a life of crime. No one knows the exact reason, though Suhara's suggestion that she did so because she did not receive enough challenges is the only one the series offers.. It is true that in fact Carmen does steal for the challenge of it. She is nearly impossible to catch and has only been caught twice in her career. Carmen loves to leave clues to the destination of her next theft and enjoys playing an intricate game of cat and mouse with her persuers.

[Zack peeking] Zack (voice: Scott Menville )

Zack is the younger of the two detectives. (In fact, he's 14 and is Ivy's 'little bro'.) He is a kid genius who knows a multitude of languages and facts. Despite his genius, he manages to be a cool, floppy haired, baggy clothed, skate boarding teen. He also tends to take cases a little less seriously than his sister.

[Ivy piloting] Ivy (voice: Jennifer Hale )

Ivy is Zack's older sister. (She's 18.) She is also skilled in martial arts and has multiple black belts. She has no knowledge of languages and relies on Zack to translate for her. She does have a decent knowledge of facts and can pilot or drive just about anything. She's more driven than Zack and gets easily frustrated.

[Chief] The Chief (voice: Rodger Bumpass )

The Chief is a wacky computer image head. He informs the detectives of the latest crime news and assists in helping solve Carmen's clues. Although Carmen betrayed him and he would like to see her behind bars, he still has feeling for her- much like a father has for a daughter. (And seeing he gave Carmen a home at Acme, that would make her his adopted daughter.) The Chief considers Zack and Ivy his best friends and would be heartbroken if anything ever happened to them.

[Season 1+2 Player] The Player (voices/performers: Jeffrey Tucker, Justin Shenkarow, Asi Lang and Joanie Pleasant)

The Player is a live action teenager who is observing and assisting withall of the cases. There are four different players. Season One's Player is a high voiced boy who wears a sweatshirt with a hood. Season Two's Player looks about the same as the Season One Player, except he has a deeper voice.  He also seems more intelligent. (In my opinion, he was the best Player.) In Season Three, there are two Players, a boy and a girl. The boy Player wears glasses and t-shirt and is rather negative (in my opinion). The girl Player wears a maroon shirt and asks Carmen some interesting questions. The Season 4 Players are the same as Season 3's.

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