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Brief Show History:

On February 5, 1994 Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? debuted on the Fox Network. Combining traditional cel animation, computer animation and live action stills and scenes, DIC Enterprises had produced a rather unique educational series. The series remained on Fox until the fall of 1996. There was a limited three episode run in the spring of 1997 until the series was put on hiatus until pikced up by the Fox Family Channel. From 1998-1999, Fox Fam aired all but one episode of the final season, "Cupid Sandiego." It is rumored the episode was not all that good, and Fox never decided to air it. I doubt this personally, but I cannot confirm or deny the rumor. The series was given a very short run on the PAX televison network, but once they scrapped their morning cartoon programing, Carmen disappeared from the airwaves--probably for good.

The series was nominated for 5 Emmys and won once in 1995 for Outstanding Animated Children's Program. To see a rundown of the nominations, please see the Carmen Emmy page.

A Basic Show Overview:

Carmen Sandiego, the world greatest thief, is on the loose and it's up to the ACME Detective Agency to solve her clues and track her down. When a crime is committed, the Chief of ACME turns to his best agents--teen siblings Zack and Ivy.

Zack and Ivy must solve Carmen's clues in order to not only discover where she will strike next but also to find the common thread in her thefts. By doing so, they can attempt to stop Carmen before she can carry out her plan and attempt to capture her.

Of course, this is a very brief outline. There's a lot more to these characters! For a slightly better understanding of them, check out their bios for more information.

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